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Black Delrin door handle bushing. It fits Volkswagen Vanagon from xxxx to xxxx. No longer available from Volkswagon. Without this bushing in place or if you have a worn bushing the door handle does not have the support it needs. You can easily break your handle without this bushing to support it. Yes the kids hang on it an people pull out on it. Your handle has a better chance of surviving if it has the bushing behind it to keep it centered and supported. This bushing is made of Delrin. A plastic bearing material stronger than nylon, anti lock brakes or pvc. Custom made with tighter fit to work better than the original. Not available anywhere else, I custom make each one. Check behind your handle, do you have your bushing? Handles are expensive and getting harder to find. Each bushing is made slightly larger for more support, tighter fit and long life. It should never wear out! Easy to install. If you have replaced the door handle before, then this should be simple for you. You will not receive the broken handle. You are buying the black delrin bushing only. Please let me know your year, and if it is xxxx to xxxx there is a possible handle differece, I need to know if it is the round back flange version handle paypal to , international buyers add $2
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